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Need To Improve Your Canna Porn Skills?

If you've got a camera but just can't seem to get the quality cannabis photos you're chasing. Then hopefully we can help you improve your cannabis photography skills with the below cannabis photography tips & tricks, to get you on the way to winning the Canna Porn cannabis photo competition and wearing your Canna Porn t-shirt loud and proud.

If you have any cannabis photography tips & tricks you would like to share with the rest of the cannabis community to help them win their very own Canna Porn t-shirt, then please contact us so we can amend it to the below.

Cannabis Photography Tips & Tricks

Backgrounds obviously make or break a great cannabis photo and the best background is usually a simple one colour, non-conflicting background. If your outdoors then the sky with it's beautiful sunsets, dawns and night sky's can make great back drops to any cannabis photo. When taking cannabis photos outdoors and trying to capture the sky as well it's probably best to use a tripod, timer and play with different exposure times to get the best cannabis photo possible.

Lighting along with the background is probably the most important key factor to taking great cannabis photos as it can be used to capture some great effects and moods, however it also strongly influences the level of detail captured. Move and reposition yourself and the cannabis flower or cannabis plant till you find the best angle of light, to capture and bring out the full potential and detail of your cannabis flower or cannabis plants.

Cannabis photos taken under HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lighting never do the cannabis plant any justice and should always be avoided. When possible switch to either MH (Metal Halide), fluorescent lighting or move your cannabis flower or cannabis plant into the great outdoors for your cannabis photo shoot to take advantage of the many different shades of light and moods from the sun.

Shadows can of course be used to an advantage to help create an effect and feeling to your cannabis photo, however it will also take away from it as the darker areas will hide your detail, so if your cannabis photo is lacking detail or too dark it's most likely because all the light is coming from behind the cannabis flower or cannabis plant. Try moving around or using your flash.

Get Up Close and personal with your cannabis and forget the zoom as you can get in closer and capture more detail of your cannabis flowers or cannabis plants. If your lucky and got an accessory close-up lense use it to really begin getting in close and personal with your cannabis garden.

Keep It Steady of course to help avoid any blur to your cannabis photo by using a tripod and timer, or stabilizer function if your camera has one. If your indoors turn all your fans off of course and if your outdoors and having wind problems, then use a piece of wood or cardboard (which could also double as the background for the shot) to help block the wind and keep your cannabis flower or cannabis plant steady.

Get Creative and change your viewpoint on the cannabis flower or cannabis plants. Take shots from above and below the cannabis flower or plants from different levels and angles to capture different effects and moods to your cannabis photography.

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